Welcome to Black Dog Rocketry a disrtibutor for hybrid rocket motors and  manufacturer of Launch pads, Launch systems, custom rocketry components and accessories.  Now a dealer for RATTworks, HyperTEK, and Magnalite Igniter Systems.  We also have the DMF-Rockets GSE 1 Hybrid Launch System available as a special order and have also build my own line of Black Dog Rocketry Hybrid Ground Support Launch Components.

At Black Dog Rocketry our specialty is custom fabrication of Electronic launch controls and Launch pads.   Capable of launching rockets from sizes “A” impulse to Extreme Experimental Impulses of all sizes and weights.  We can also custom fabricate components that you may need for your Rocketry project.

The Launch Control above on the left was built for Tripoli Central California and can control up to 24 launch pads. It splits the pads into right, center, and left rows with 4 pads at up to 100 ft. out and then another 6 pads at up to 300 ft. for the right and left rows. The center row sets 2 pads at 500 ft straight out with the ability to set another 2 pads out at 1,000 ft. out for those really big projects.

The Launch System above was built for Mr. Marc Schlesinger of NARBARS which is a low power launch down in the Broward area of Florida. It is a 10 pad system built tough to with stand lots of use by young rocketeers.

Launch control systems are all based on a “fire by wire” method, in other words all systems are built using cables for Launch Control panels to the actual Launch Pad Relay box ( no wireless systems).

If your needs are only for launching single rockets at a time or if perhaps your club requires a Launch control system that is capable of launching 20 different rockets separately or perhaps all at once it can be done.

At Black Dog Rocketry we take pride in the reliability of the equipment we manufacture and the distributors we choose to support.  You will only find equipment and accessories for sale here that we believe in totally and use ourselves.

We can consolidate shipping for you, help guide you through the process of building your next big project and choosing the most reliable componentry for your first.

Experience, reliability, dependability and the best advice are just some of the reasons you should choose Black Dog Rocketry.

Ron McGough

Black Dog Rocketry


I can’t recommend Black Dog Rocketry enough for the purchase of a hybrid motor… Ron McGough helped me choose the best motor for my application, gave me a great deal on the product and shipping, threw in a handful of extra parts for free, and followed thru by contacting me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction.  Talk about being customer oriented!

Chris Munson / Tripoli L2

Ridgecrest, Calif.


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