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14th April 2013

We hope you like our new background picture of a 10″ Thumper taken this weekend at the ROC launch.  Powered by a HyperTEK MaxM motor (M1001). This motor uses the largest 98mm nitrous flight tank commercially available, 5478cc’s

13th April 2013
New Black Dog Rocketry website launched.

After a short period off the air Black Dog Rocketry is back on the web again.  It’s been a tough year but we intend to keep going and support all our loyal customers.

May 20, 2009

Now available is the BDR Ground support Nitrous fill and dump solenoid assembly, the BDR GOX Ignition solenoid assembly, and the BDR High Voltage Ignition module. Check the Launch Controls page and Pricing for more information. These components are sold without fill and oxygen hose’s due to individuals specific needs and are extra.

My goal is to offer a system that can accomodate most Hybrid fliers at a competitive price without having to add extra batteries or extra electronics.

Nitrous tanks will be available to purchase seperately by special order only.
Coming soon, RATTWorks K350 and L700 Tribrids!

RATTWorks is in process of certifying these two motors with TMT (Tripoli Motor Testing).

On 2nd June 2013

The Ashes of Karl McManus were launched on an L600 based rocket purchased form BlackDog Rocketry at Williams Wildfire in Western Australia using Oxygen over Nitrous (Nytrox) to an altitude of 10,000 ft.  All systems operated on cue and Karls ashes were deployed over the Western Australia countryside.

December 27, 2013

Files for pricing, pictures and descriptions were added. Also fixed broken links that no longer apply and added notices of HyperTEK and RATTworks lack of inventory and supply.

Sorry folks it looks like things are just getting darker for the Hybrid motor enthusiast.


Check back for the latest updates.