Hybrids & Igniters

Black Dog Rocketry is a Dealer for HyperTEK and RATTworks Hybrid Rocket motor systems! We are also a dealer for Magnalite Igniter Systems. Please contact for shipping.

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HyperTEK Hybrid Motor Systems

RATTworks Hybrid Motor Systems

Rocketflite Igniter / Magnelite Electric Match Systems

At this time my inventory of HyperTEK components is very limited due to the manufactures lack of inventory. Please contact me for any components you may be looking for. My remaining inventory is very small though.
Please contact us for availability of RATTworks motors and components. Dave of RATTworks has been pretty busy with his day job and many items are not available at this time. The J160 motor is available by special order only.     J160 reloads are in stock.

All pricing is Plus California Tax where applicable.

Click Here for HyperTEK Tips.

Click Here to link to RATTworks list of O-rings and special fittings for 29mm and 64mm motors.

Click Here for instructions on how to build your own simple Solenoid Saver.

Click Here for a real informative chart about cost and weights of NOX pertaining to almost every Hybrid motor manufacturer and motor system. Thanks to Andrew MacMillen.

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Here is a link to a youtube demo of how a hybrid works.  They use oxygen gas instead of Nitrous Oxide and an injector but the principle is the same.  You can hear the buzz of a hybrid at one point before the demonstrator gets scared.


Enjoy……  a real one is a lot noisier.